The Belle and the Boss was created by a woman for women. Real women. Imperfect women. Flawed women. All women.


To empower women to become their own beautiful champion! The Belle and the Boss wants to encourage women to embrace their unique and individual beauty.  We urge women to not conform to cookie cutter definitions of what we should be. To embrace our femininity and to understand the divinity in it. The Belle and the Boss wants women to fully live up to their potential and to crush their goals.


The Belle and the Boss values women and believes that women should be celebrated! We value the ability of women to overcome obstacles and challenges that are unique to us. We value the inherent ability of women to be kind, loving, supportive, intelligent, capable, ambitious, accomplished, and overall kick-ass human beings! We value women helping women.


Our vision is to see all women...regardless of race, economic background, or social status...empower themselves on every level: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.


                                                                                Coach Cortney/Owner